Horse Rescues & Myths About Adoption

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  • 11/11/20

Every horse deserves a loving home where they can feel happy and safe. But shelters are often filled with horses who have been abused, neglected, or saved from slaughter. Rescuing a horse can not only change your life, but change the life of your horse, as well.

However, there are misconceptions surrounding horse rescues and adoptions. Let us debunk the most common myths.

Myth: There Must be Something Wrong with Them

Horse rescue organizations accept unwanted horses that may be there for a variety of reasons, either from an injury or because the owners could not continue to care for them. 

But many rescues, such as the Equine Welfare Society in Charlottesville, make it their mission to provide the right care and training to make them adoptable, enabling them to build their skills.

Myth: A Shelter Won't Have the Horse I'm Looking For

Many people turn to horse rescues as an inexpensive alternative to buying from a breeder. But far from having a few horse breeds to choose from, shelters accept a variety of animals from a variety of backgrounds.

Whether you are looking for a horse or pony for working, sport, or pleasure, a horse rescue in Virginia will likely have what you are looking for.

Myth: Abused Horses Hate People

As is the case with a cat or dog, horses may be abused or neglected and find themselves at a horse rescue. But the best shelters provide a safe haven for these animals. With the right care, attention, and patience, an abused horse can become a friendly and outgoing animal that is ready to be adopted.

Horse Rescues Near the Virginia Countryside

In the Hunt Country of Virginia, there are several horse rescue organizations in the area that provide the right care and training for its rescued animals. From the Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine, Maryland to the Eagle Hill Equine Rescue in Fredericksburg, Virginia, there are local organizations who can provide you with a loving, adoptable horse. 

Find the Best Home for You and Your Horse

Life in the Virginia countryside is centered around the equestrian lifestyle. If you have been searching for a bigger space to grow your business, enjoy a leisurely ride with your horse companion, or train the horse you have rescued, contact us. We can help you find the right home, from horse farms to professional equestrian facilities and anything in between.

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