Virginia Country Homes

and Equestrian Properties

Virginia is a Slice of Heaven

There's nowhere on Earth quite like Virginia! Its gently rolling hills and dazzling blue skies paint tranquil scenes worthy of postcards, while its rich history transports residents to another time and place. For centuries, Virginia has been a haven for those who value horseback riding, eventing, and hunting, and the state's reputation hasn't changed. Today, residents who live in Virginia's countryside live in a community that understands their hobbies, their horses, and their unique way of life. Discover Virginia's rich equestrian heritage for yourself!

Experience the Equestrian Lifestyle

Whether you're moving to the countryside for the first time or are coming back home, allow us to introduce you to the local lifestyle. Prepare to fall in love.

Numerous Annual Events

There's always something happening in Virginia, from highly anticipated regional competitions to weekend polo matches. Watch—or even participate!—in equestrian events that draw crowds from all around the countryside.

Time-Honored Traditions

Fox hunting is a popular pastime in Virginia, and it's not hard to see why. Trek through Virginia's untouched territory with a local hunt and experience the thrill of the chase that has enticed equestrians for centuries.

Historic Farms, Stables, and Inns

Take a step back in time and savor the peace and quiet of the countryside by staying at a local bed and breakfast, find a local boarding facility to pamper your beloved horse, and discover your favorite local farms.

Small Local Businesses

From horse-themed decor and antiques to riding equipment, Virginia's small businesses have everything you need to continue to enjoy the equestrian lifestyle.


Moving to Virginia?

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Virginia's Rich History

Take a step back in time to the late 1700s, when our nation was little more than farm estates and unexplored territory. There were no cars, buses, or trains; horses were the primary mode of transportation to neighboring communities. Those who needed to trade goods and crops or travel long distance relied on horse power. But horses served another purpose: recreation. Virginia's wealthier residents participated in fox hunting, breeding, and racing, and these generations-old traditions are celebrated today.

Though technology has advanced rapidly and towns have expanded, Virginia's countryside hasn't changed drastically like many communities around Washington, D.C. Today's residents are deeply rooted in Virginia's equestrian heritage through local hunts and events. Whether you're a weekend rider or a professional equestrian, you'll find yourself at home in Virginia.

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